Code of Practice

1 .Standards of conduct

Club members and guests will at all times adhere to the following code of practice.

There will be no verbal or physical abuse of any other member or guest

There will be no discrimination of any kind by any member or guest towards any other person at a club meetings.

There will be no discrimination of any kind by any member or guest towards any other person at a club meetings.

This includes but is not limited to discrimination on grounds of:


Ethnic origin, nationality (or stateless), or race



Marital or sexual status

Mental or physical ability

Political or religious belief.

It is the responsibility of all Club members and guest to ensure that:

They do not endanger the health and safety of themselves or others.

They observe the rules established for the safety of those involved in club activities, as defined by the Club Committee.

They make every effort to keep the Club’s premise tidy and clear of any un-due obstructions that may cause injury to others.

They must clear their own gaming equipment and that of any items borrowed from other club members, along with any club facilities that they have used.

It is the responsibility of each player to clear and return their gaming equipment to the designated locations, repeated failure to do this without prior agreement from the clubs quartermaster may result in a punitive fine, as defined in 3.7.2 of the club constitution.

They must make every effort to dispose of any refuse in the appropriate containers

They must refrain from throwing any item across the club premise (including any small children)

2 Disagreements between club members

Any disagreements between members of Bracknell Forest Gamers must be referred to the Club Committee as the early as possible.

If the Club Committee is unable to resolve the disagreement, or if personally involved in the disagreement, the matter must be referred to the Independent Body (in most cases being the area Castilian Knight of the GCN).

The following procedures are to be used only if informal efforts to resolve disagreements have been made and failed.

Any disagreements failed to be resolved must be referred to the GCN Council:

Any disagreement between two or more GCN registered clubs

All the parties to the disagreement must be given reasonable opportunity to state their case.

3 Suspension of members

Suspension of membership ensures that no situation in the Gaming Club arises which could cause further concern and that no member is placed in a position which may cause further compromise. Such action may be necessary in the following cases:

• When an allegation is made that a Member has committed a serious criminal offence. In this case the Member must be suspended until police inquiries and any legal proceedings have been concluded.

• When the action of an individual could seriously harm the reputation Bracknell Forest Gamers

Suspended members must not participate in any activity connected with Bracknell Forest Gamers and must not wear any from of uniform, badges or display any apparel with the Club logo or name upon them .

Any appointment held by a suspended member will be regarded as vacant.

Suspension in the case of any disagreement must be followed as soon as possible by conciliation and such further steps as are necessary.

Any Bracknell Forest Gamers member who is suspended  has the right of appeal (with the aid of a ‘friend’ if so desired). If so requested by the person suspended, the Club Official asked for appeal, may appoint a sub-committee to hear the appeal.

next meeting.

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