Fergus Award

The Fergus Award

We at Bracknell Forest Gamers have now run a number of events. At each of these we have had an enjoyable time examining the many varied and diverse army lists that we get for each participating army, and the ingenuity and
narrative skills shown.

At these events we are regularly visited by our gaming brothers down the road, The Sad Muppet Society (SMS). In particular a fellow gamer by the name of Fergus Christie. This representative of the club has given us at BFG regular enjoyment with his creative presentations, such as his”Chinese Takeaway Menu Style army list, but at Winds of War 09
he outdid himself and “FORCED” the committee of the Club to instigate a new award dedicated in his name – The Fergus Award.

At Bracknell Forest Gamers event, we will present the Fergus Award for the player who excels themselves in showing that they have “WAAYYY” too much time on their hands, and has proved this by presenting a facet of their overall army that is beyond the normality and general madness presented by a sane gamer

Fergus Award

Fergus Christie

Cubic Army List

Chris Thomas  Warp Portal Object Marker

Fergus Christie –

Ork Battlewagon

(as a club we must also give a commendation
to the Dead Presidents Tau Dollar Armlist


Team “Griblar’s Blue Boyz” 

WoM Shirts(Seb Reeves & Nik Green)

David Lugg
Eldar Tower

Ian Connolly & Kenneth Morley




David Smee’s

Spider Giant


Ian Connolly


(Ian Blog)


Douglas Dowling and Graham Doherty

(Just for them being them)

James Brandt


Joe Roxborough


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