We run through out the year a number of campaings and torunamanets

(contact –

The Events we run are


Winds of War

our combat patrol (500 points) Warhammer 40,000 doubles tournament


Winds of Magic

our 500 points Warhammer Fantasy Double tournament



Kings of War (Mantic) OPEN




A Warhammer Fantasy Battle escalation



Our popular Warhammer 40,000 escalating Tournament


3 thoughts on “Events

  1. Hi. I’d like a ticket to escalation please. I’ve tried to contact both Dana nd the club but the message has been returned as undeliverable. Can someone please drop me a line at to let me know how I can get a ticket. Thanks. Nate

  2. Do you have a specific date for Winds of War yet? I’d like to attend and need to make arrangements. Also, when wil tickets be on sale? Thanks.

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