Bracknell Forest Gamers

Hello and Welcome!


We are a friendly bunch who enjoy playing wargames

We meet every Monday Night @ 19:00

(except Bank Holidays)

We meet at:

Promethean Games

Moss End Garden Centre,
Bowyer’s Lane,
RG42 6EJ
We play mainly Games Workshop (Warhammer Fantasy battle / 40,000), Magic the Gathering and Warmachine, We also are known to play Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Munchkin, Risk, D&D, Urban War, Malifaux and other games.

But don’t let that stop you coming down we are always happy to play, be challenged or even teach us in any other gaming systems

Want to know what’s going on at our club why not check out our Events page

To contact us

St Paul’s United Reformed Church

Lowbury, Harmans Water


Berkshire, RG12 9LP


Phone: +44 (0)7951 936955

or FACEBOOKfbbfg

15 thoughts on “Bracknell Forest Gamers

  1. May I say how much I enjoyed the participation game you put on at Salute 2012 very good fun.

    It made my day!

    If only I lived closer I would call in for a game. I may even have to re evaluate my opinion of Warhammer.

    Thanks for the game,

  2. Hi Paul glad you liked the Game, we looking at revamping some of the rules for any other show we do.
    Sad your to far awayto come along to BFG 😦 but as GCN members I sure you local gaming club would be happy to see you. We do though run tournatments through the year and you might like to come to one of these.

  3. i live in the bracknell area and want to start playing magic the gathering. would this be ideal to start playing this with people

  4. Hi ,

    I would like a game of Fantasy on the Monday coming as I will be attending the Rank up event. Is it possible for someone to give me a 2400 game?.



  5. was just wondering as use to play warhammer fantasy at your st paul site and understand you are know at MOSS END GARDEN CENTRE on monday . Went last monday only to find no one around so was wondering is it in the garden centre building or somewhere near to hand as would be very interesting in getting some warhammer games in have empire, highelves and some wood elves…. many thanks for any help you can provide …….. andy

  6. Hi all. I am a keen mature (56) wargamer for about as long as I remember. I am also a wheel chair user so stairs/steps are out. Is your club on the level that I would be able to enter and use without problem? I use mainly 6mm historical/fantasy ancient/medieval also the Dystopian Wars. But willing to try any game.

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