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Bracknell Forest Gamers Tournament Days 2013

WoW 16th Feb

WoM 16th Mar

Rank Up 21st Sep

Escalation 16th Nov

Enquires – watch this space or

Winds of War 2013

Winds of War is now open

The pack is up on the event page


Winds of War

Just to confirm that the Winds of War 12 event will be 18th February 2012

£20 per team

Pack to follow by end of month


Apocalypse game on Tuesday 27th December.

Any questions or queries please direct to Lawrence/Dan.

The games will run from 12.30pm until about 6pm including time to set up pack away and get lunch and dinner.  Please ensure you can arrive by this time and stay for the duration. £4 for the period

This time there will be several smaller Apocalypse games each running on a 6’x6’ table.  Terrain will be lighter than previous games, with craters in no-man’s land and other terrain features towards the flanks. Games will be objective based with 3 objectives in no-man’s land.  Objectives can only be claimed by non-vehicle Troop units, while any unit may contest an objective (as per 40K 5th ed). Where we have sufficient terrain, the object may be buildings, in which case being inside the building counts as claiming or contesting, otherwise any unit within 6” is considered.

The games will be 6 turns in length, each player turn will have a 30 minute time limit, after which the current action (assault probably) is resolved and the turn ends with other remaining actions unresolved.

Strategic assets from the Apocalypse books will not be used, except where a Formation gives access to one.

The reserve rules and the most recent rules additional rules will be used as per the Apocalypse books.  Additionally all weaponry modelled as pintel mounted have the AA rule and may target a flyer separately from other weapons on the vehicle so long as it is being fired at a flyer that is actually flying (hovering skimmers or landed anything doesn’t count).

The games are to be considered friendly games!  We do struggle to adapt to Apocalypse gaming at BFG as we’re all very used to competitive play.  To help with this there are some very strict rules for army selection and additionally the Most Important Rule shall always apply.  I.E. if a player feels something is unreasonable, ask the group and the group shall rule (irrespective of the rules printed) on the outcome.  If you’re selecting a unit because you know it is nasty against unit X, stop and think about how reasonably this actually is.  If you’re not sure, your opponent and the gaming group as a whole may not think so either and your powerful unit that you piled lots of points into won’t work as intended and you’ll have ruined your own game.  Instead, put together a list you’ll enjoy playing with because it uses units you don’t play often or a list that is thematic.

Army Selection

Each player (or team of players) should select an army meeting the following rules:

·         Must be no larger than 3000 points

·         Must be selected from a single codex

·         May select Imperial Armour units may be used as long as it is stated that the unit is allowed in the selected army in a FOC slot.  The relevant Imperial armour book must be brought.  Experimental rules are not permitted if there are printed versions of the rules.

·         Must contain 1-4 HQ choices

·         Must contain 4-8 Troop choices

·         May contain 0-6 Elite choices

·         May contain 0-6 Fast Attack choices

·         May contain 0-6 Heavy Support choices

·         Any unit that can be formed into a squad or squadron must be, unless it is a vehicle with any armour facing of 14.  I.E. if you select 2 individual Imperial Guard Hellhound tanks they must be formed into a single squadron, taking up only one Fast Attack slot.  However, two 5 man Terminator squad, which each contains a Sergeant with a power sword do not have to be combined into a single 10 man squad as doing so would be illegal.  If they were assault terminators however, it would be and they must be a single squad of 10.  In this case, they can still be split in two using the Combat Squad rules.

·         May contain any number of legendary units so long as the total number of structure points does not exceed the number of Heavy Support selections.  Legendary units without structure points count as 1 if it is a vehicle, or 1 per every 4 wounds (or part thereof) otherwise.

·         Strength D (or Destroyer weapons) weapons are completely banded.  Note that if you wish to field a super heavy unit with one of these weapons modelled, you may ignore the rule below for that unit and count the weapon as any legal alternative.

·         Scratch built models may be used however the rules and point cost will be discussed by the group before acceptance.  For sanity’s sake, select the nearest equivalent unit when basing your unit.  The group may refuse to allow you to play this unit so be conservative to its power level.

·         You may purchase Formations for units already selected for your FOC.  For example If you field 3 battle waggons as heavy support choices (or dedicated transports for Nobs) you may pay the points to make them part of a Tanka Mob.  Note that this will be the only way to acquire Strategic Assets.

·         All models must be strictly WISIWIG.  I.E. If the model is not clearly modelled as having a piece of wargear beyond its mandatory loadout, it is NOT armed with it.  This mean that, if you arm all your Tactical squad Sergeants with melta bombs and the models do not have melta bombs modelled in their hands, you have wasted the points as your opponent may refuse to allow you to use them.  He will still have Frag and Krak grenades as their part of his mandatory loadout.  The exceptions to this rule are:

o   Scratch built models obviously don’t have a standard model they represent, but their weapons must still be WISIWIG.  If the unit is based on existing fluff then it should resemble the description of it.

o   Super heavies that are modelled with Destroyer weapons may count those weapons as any other legal weapon, but it must be made clear what it is before the game begins.  This is because many club members have invested money and effort on these units that rarely get played.  In these cases the WISIWIG rule would be excessive.

o   Many players like to use other models to represent named (special) characters.  This is permissible so long as the model is carrying appropriate weapons.  I.E. if you’ve got an alternative model for Eldrad, it can be used as Eldrad so long as he carries suitable weapons.  Please remember unique units may only appear once, regardless of whether you use the model or not.


Please note; I intend the WISIWIG rule to be strictly enforced.  Its purpose is to encourage people to stick to the spirit of Apocalypse games of fielding ones whole collection, not pretending ones collection fits the most powerful builds.  Should this rule be broken, assume the model to be what it really is if that would be legal.  If it would not be legal, assume the model instantly destroyed removed it from play.


Once you’ve planned your list, please email it to Lawrence  Philips along with the rules for any scratch built unit you wish to use.  Your list will be approved and will be matched with an opponent (or team of opponents).  You will be expected to bring the stated list.  Please ensure Lawrence has your list my no later than the 22nd.  If you haven’t had a response from Lawrence, you won’t have an opponent lined up and you won’t be able to play on the 27th so make sure you sort it out.

Finally remember to bring all relevant codecies, Apocalypse books, dice, templates and super glue.

Bracknell Blood Bowl

We initiating the 3BL starting December

any one up for that then look at the page



Death Mage

Next model in the Games Day models

First of the Wizards

Here’s the first of the Wizards completed (wqell the one’s we got photo’s for 🙂

Games Day update

We’ve got a couple more pic of the Games Day table

Two more level to go on, also do we want a BFG flag on the top y/n ?

Games Day

Got some photo’s of the table Dave’s been working on for Games Day

see what you guys thinks

will add more when they are avaiable 🙂

New Site for BFG

We have decided to use a Blog page as our website

So come back when you around